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1. Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO

On-page SEO helps search engines analyze your website and the content connected to it so that it can identify if a searcher’s query is relevant to your site. Google is constantly updating their algorithm so that it can better understand a searcher’s intent and deliver search results that meet that user’s needs. When we add on Page SEO to your website it automatically sets your business up to receive more traffic, ultimetely leading to more sales.

Off Page SEO

The most common off-site SEO strategies include link building, content marketing, social media marketing, blog posts, content and video marketing. In short, any activity that doesn’t involve publishing content on your own website falls under off-page SEO. We make sure your business is properly capitalizing on the extensive reach the World Wide Web can provide.

Technical SEO

Our dedicated team ensures that your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings. Important elements of technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture. We continuously run SEO reports on your website to guarantee any search engine is able to crawl, index, and render your webpages correctly, this increases your chances of ranking in search results.

Local SEO

We optimize for local search which is highly important, especially for businesses serving specific towns, cities, regions, and even states.
When done right, local SEO allows people to find information about your business quickly and easily, putting them one step closer to a transaction. Let’s not only get you in front of your local ideal client but convert them into being a paying customer.

Branding Your Business
Branding Your Business
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2. Creating a High Converting Website!

Building your Website

We build Attractive, high converting websites that are fast loading, have an engaging layout, a seamless navigation, and especially, a responsive design. It’s not enough for high converting websites to look good on desktop. Mobile view is equally in demand – if not more important. We make sure your online presence is designed with lead generation in mind.

The Necessity of an Online Presence

The beauty of having a site, blog, and social media accounts is that they enable reviews and comments about your products. As an expert in your business, you’ll be able to answer any queries quickly and thoroughly. Any glowing praise that is publicly available will build your online presence and show even brand-new customers that you’re a reputable business.

Covid has taught us that we need to be able to show value for our product from an online standpoint. People now more than ever are checking into businesses online. 

Accessibility at Your Finger Tips

Having an online presence increases accessibility for your clients or consumers. It’s an effortless way for them to browse prices and hours and compare all these factors with your competition with a simple click. And it’s important that it’s effortless—nothing should take too long to load, and nothing should be difficult to find. Any questions they may need answered should be readily available on the site itself, and if they’re not, then you should really be sure that your contact information is displayed in an obvious way.

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3. Ad and Social Media Account Management

Google and Meta Ad Management

The management package offers worry-free management of your Ads. I’ll build an ad strategy that promotes your products and services, convert followers into loyal customers, and grows your business using paid advertisement. McKenney Marketing will stay on top of the latest trends, keywords and strategy so you don’t have to. Our job is to design, test, report, and continuously optimize the best ad strategy to provide you the best results possible! Don’t stress we got this!

Social Media Management

Our social media managers will be responsible for developing strategies to increase your followers, create content and oversee social campaigns, producing writing, reviewing analytics, and communicating with key stakeholders in your company to ensure successful. Our high speed software provides real time tracking, analytics and reports to measure your success.

Content Creation

We have packages that include full service content creation for our clients. Our videographers shoot and edit video footage including sound production, and film editing. Many times they’re involved in post-production after the video has been shot. Our photographers specialize in both technical and design skills making the images stand out to your ideal client.

Social Media Manager

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